Article up on bioRxiv

Hey Everyone,

My article “Diversity and function of cave methanotrophic communities” is now up on bioRxiv. The article describes the factors that influence the composition and structure of methanotrophic communities in caves. We are observing that methanotrophs show relationships to cave-air methane concentrations and the proportion of gravel in cave sediments. Methanotrophs in caves showed no statistically significant relationships to the distance from a cave entrance, nor did the community composition vary between caves despite the fact that caves are typically observed to host insular ecological communities. Our results suggest that dispersal barriers for methanotrophs into caves, and thus other environments, may be low. The link is below.


Webster KD, Schimmelmann A, Drobniak A, Mastalerz M, Rosales Lagarde L, Boston PJ, Lennon JT (2018). Diversity and function of cave methanotrophic communities. bioRxiv

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