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Hi Everyone,

The free downloads associated with the links to my recently published articles in Astrobiology and Earth and Planetary Science Letters have expired. I have replaced those links to those of the articles. The links to those articles can also be found here.

– KW

Webster KD, Drobniak A, Etiope G, Mastalerz M, Sauer PE, Schimmelmann A (2017). Subterranean karst environments as a global sink for atmospheric methane. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 485, 9-18.

Stelmach KB, Neveu M, Vick-Majors T, Mickol R, Chou L, Webster KD, Tilley M, Zacchei F, Escudero C, Flores Martinez C, Labrado A, Fernández E (2018). Secondary electrons as an energy source for life. Astrobiology, 18(1), 1-13.


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