Peer Reviewed Publications

Preprint, in Prep., or Submitted Publications

Webster KD, Drobniak A, Mastalerz, M, Sauer PE, Schimmelmann A. Continental-scale volatile organic compound consumption in karst caves and estimates of their fluxes. (In preparation)

Webster KD, Barberán A. Methane-, hydrogen-, and carbon monoxide- oxidizing bacteria in North American dust. (In preparation)

Spitale JN, Tigges MD, Rhoden A, Hurford TA, Webster KD. Curtain-based maps of eruptive activity in Enceladus’ south-polar terrain at fifteen Cassini epochs. (Submitted)

Meyer KM, Morris AH, Webster KD, Klein AM, Kroeger ME, Meredith LK, Brændholt A, Nakamura F, Venturini A, Fonseca de Souza L, Shek KL, Danielson R, van Haren J, Barbosa de Camargo B, Tsai SM, Dini-Andreote F, de Mauro JMS, Nüsslein K, Saleska SR, Rodrigues JLM, Bohannan BJM (2020). Rainforest to pasture conversion stimulates soil methanogenesis across the Brazilian Amazon. bioRxiv

Kroeger ME, Meredith LK, Meyer KM, Webster KD, Barbosa de Camargo P, Fonseca de Souza L, Tsai SM., van Haren J, Saleska SR, Bohannan BJM, Rodrigues JLM, Nüsslein K (2020). Rainforest to pasture conversion stimulates soil methanogenesis across the Brazilian Amazon. bioRxiv

Webster KD, Schimmelmann A, Drobniak A, Mastalerz M, Rosales Lagarde L, Boston PJ, Lennon JT (2018). Diversity and function of cave methanotrophic communities. bioRxiv


Peer-Reviewed Publications

Rodriguez JAP, Dobrea EN, Kargel J, Baker VR, Crown D, Webster KD, Berman D, Wilhelm MB, Buckner D (2020). Mars’ oldest highlands reveal evidence of a possible muddy rain origin. Scientific Reports, 10, 10347.

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Webster KD, Drobniak A, Etiope G, Mastalerz M, Sauer PE, Schimmelmann A (2018). Subterranean karst environments as a global sink for atmospheric methane. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 485, 9-18.

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