Peer Reviewed Publications

Preprint or In prep.

Webster KD, Meredith LK, Fonseca L, Meyer KM, Piccini W, Pedrinho A, Kroeger ME, Danielson RE, Nüsslein K, van Haren J, Camargo PB, Mui TS, Rodrigues JM, Bohannan BJM, Saleska SR. Regional differences in greenhouse gas fluxes from similar land uses in the Amazon River Basin­. (In preparation)

Webster KD, Schimmelmann A, Drobniak A, Mastalerz M, Rosales Lagarde L, Boston PJ, Lennon JT (2018). Diversity and function of cave methanotrophic communities. bioRxiv

Published or In Press

Webster KD, Drobniak A, Etiope G, Mastalerz M, Sauer PE, Schimmelmann A (2018). Subterranean karst environments as a global sink for atmospheric methane. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 485, 9-18.

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